in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Bicycles

Postby Darkness_Fish » Yesterday, 09:14

Blimey. It didn't even vote Tory.
Like fast-moving clouds casting shadows against a hillside, the melody-loop shuddered with a sense of the sublime, the awful unknowable majesty of the world.

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Re: Bicycles

Postby borofan » Yesterday, 17:29

yomptepi wrote:Image

Witty as ever, I see...
We're usually skipping around the function room in our long-johns by now...

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Re: Bicycles

Postby $P.Muff$ » Today, 00:31

Has anyone here changed out their entire groupset on their own? It'll be a little while before I give it a go, and I feel pretty confident in my abilities working on stuff but shit like this always looks easier than it is before you get started.