Kavanaugh Hearings

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks

Re: Kavanaugh Hearings

Postby $P.Muff$ » 05 Oct 2018, 20:23

First time I've listened to anything Collins has to say and as you might imagine I am unimpressed, though she certainly appears to be enjoying her moment in the sun. This is all so fucking depressing.

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Re: Kavanaugh Hearings

Postby Count Machuki » 06 Oct 2018, 02:49

I'm get more and more pissed off about this by the hour.
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Re: Kavanaugh Hearings

Postby Snarfyguy » 06 Oct 2018, 05:27

Reporters should ask Susan Collins why she believed Al Franken should resign from the Senate, but Brett Kavanaugh should have a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

- Someone on Twitter
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Re: Kavanaugh Hearings

Postby fange » 06 Oct 2018, 07:36

Sneelock wrote:Don’t bemoan too loud.
http://www.polksheriff.org/news-investi ... nforcement

You might get hurt.
I can tell it seems I will be sacrificing my life for my country. But I am ready and will know who needs to be killed after the vote to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.”

Holy crap. What a ridiculous situation on so many levels.

" for my country" :(
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Re: Kavanaugh Hearings

Postby $P.Muff$ » 06 Oct 2018, 18:45

I would love to see Sen. Mazie Hirono make a presidential run, but I think she was born in Kenya or sumfin'.