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in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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BW quote

Postby Eddie Shah environment » 08 Sep 2018, 21:28

On the night of 5 April 1964, prior to having sex with Britt Ekland, Peter Sellers inhaled amyl nitrites (poppers) as a sexual stimulant in his search for "the ultimate orgasm", and suffered a series of eight heart attacks over the course of three hours as a result. Billy Wilder was unsympathetic about the heart attacks, saying that "you have to have a heart before you can have an attack".
Dimbo wrote:The media are run by the CIA. They write what they tell them to write.

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Re: BW quote

Postby Snarfyguy » 08 Sep 2018, 21:35

I suppose I nicked that when I remarked similarly on the "character assassination" Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was undergoing at his hearings last week.

Thanks, BW!
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Re: BW quote

Postby Count Machuki » 08 Sep 2018, 22:39

The Quotable Bobby Womack, chapter 6
Let U be the set of all united sets, K be the set of the kids and D be the set of things divided.
Then it follows that ∀ k ∈ K: K ∈ U ⇒ k ∉ D

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Re: BW quote

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 09 Sep 2018, 00:56

A kid swapping a fishing rod for a Dr. Feelgood album.