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Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 06:20
by Diamond Dog
I'm somewhat aggrieved that Trump hasn't contacted me to monitor one of the investigations into his behaviour in the White House.

Re: Jimbo's never-ending world of shite

Posted: 04 Oct 2019, 11:22
by Jimbo
HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — Eighty-seven parachuting soldiers were blown into trees, 32 were injured and 18 of them hospitalized, including one who suffered a broken back during a night training exercise at a Mississippi military training center, officials said Thursday....87 soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division landed in trees. At least four lodged so high up that the fire department had to help get them down. ... ississippi

:lol: Like kittens. Go Army!

Re: Jimbo's never-ending world of shite

Posted: 04 Oct 2019, 11:39
by Flower
While I "get" the kittens remark, it is still sad about the incompetence that lead to these injuries.

Re: Jimbo's never-ending world of shite

Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 15:21
by Jimbo
2019 Top Ten Conspiracies

10. Hong Kong’s ‘Democracy’ Protests
9. Reconquista: Washington’s Take-down of South America
8. Yemeni Drones & Saudi Aramco
7. Mueller and the Collapse of RussiaGate
6. UkraineGate and Trump’s Impeachment
5. Greta
4. Epstein
3. A Global Uprising?
2. The OPCW Leaks
1. The Capture of Julian Assange ... spiracies/

We'll have to wait for 2020's list for the suspicious upping of "incidents" in order to provoke Iran into throwing the first punch. And then what happens to us all after they do.