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BCB Television Poll

Postby PENK » 02 Mar 2018, 20:52

Just in case there is anyone who doesn't pay attention to the whole-board section at the top, I'm running a poll for BCB's favourite ways The Man makes you ignore all the important stuff TV shows, like, ever. The main thread is in Screenadelica but I know not everyone checks in there as often as in other sections. I welcome lists from any posters, though, to give a good overview of the board's tastes.

Below are the instructions; if you want to discuss or comment please go to the other thread here.

-Compile an ordered list of your 30 favourite television shows. They can be of any genre and be from any time period. The only critieria is it must be stuff that's made for television.
- You have 150 points to allocate to your list. How you weight this is up to you.
- PM your completed list to me and I will compile the results into a poll. We prefer your list to be sent to me rather than posted on the board so the overall list comes as more of a surprise when posted.

If you can be bothered reading any more:

you can vote for whatever you like as long as it was made for TV - not just long-running dramas or sitcoms but also miniseries, documentaries, gameshows, talk shows and so on.

The 30 shows-150 points thing has worked before for similar polls; basically, the votes are counted first, so while giving Mrs Brown's Boys 121 of your 150 points might help it beat other shows that only get one vote, it won't help it beat something that got two votes with one point each.

Of course if that is all a bit confusing you can just send me 30 shows and say they all get five points each.

If you really, really, really can't think of 30 shows you want to vote for then feel free to send me a list of 20, with 100 points split between them, or even 10 with 50 points split between them.

A few other clarifications:

"Anthology" series or series with changing casts/stories/settings will be counted as single shows. So True Detective, Dr Who and Blackadder are single shows, you can't vote separately for different series (I think we're assuming that most people voting for True Detective are doing so on the basis of the first series, of course!).

Remakes or reboots will be counted separately. So if voting for Battlestar Galactica, for example, specify which version.

And different series under the same umbrella are separate shows. So vote for three or four different Star Treks if you want.
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