Should Julian Assange be free to leave?

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Should Julian Assange be free to leave?

Postby bobzilla77 » 23 Jul 2018, 23:46

That could work! Trump can put him on the 2020 campaign, and we will lift the tariffs on crumpet.
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Re: Should Julian Assange be free to leave?

Postby Jimbo » 30 Jul 2018, 09:46

Last Tuesday a top lawyer for the New York Times named David McCraw warned a room full of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications would set a very dangerous precedent which would end up hurting mainstream news media outlets like NYT, the Washington Post, and other outlets which publish secret government documents.

“I think the prosecution of him would be a very, very bad precedent for publishers,” McCraw said. “From that incident, from everything I know, he’s sort of in a classic publisher’s position and I think the law would have a very hard time drawing a distinction between The New York Times and WikiLeaks.”

Do you know where I read about this? Not in the New York Times. ... fd0cce471c