It's Friday. Please answer things.

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: It's Friday. Please answer things.

Postby hippopotamus » 12 Feb 2018, 21:05

Do you sulk? Are you any good at it? What would you sulk about?
No. I'm a Get Absolutely Furious and then forget in a minute, with occasional residual grump even though I've often forgotten the grievance.

The thorny issue of 'who to invite to a wedding'. Who should have the last word and what should influence the decisions?
I have not had the pleasure.
Still, I am not sure I would be much too fussed as long as I had the people I liked there, I am very more the merrier.
My brother ended up having 3 weddings (to the same girl) because my parents, and her parents couldn't make up their minds where to have it, so the couple were informed they were going to have 2... and then they had another accidental one when they realised none of the two places they were having their weddings were places they could get legally married in.
Guests then made up their own minds which and how many of the ceremonies they felt like attending. Must have been a nightmare to organise, but I loved having 3 X the food, and 3 X the parties.

What can't you resist: crisps or nuts?
Nuts. Any nuts.

Do water features in gardens impress you or do you think they're gauche?
I think a bit gauche, but a bit gauche can sometimes be fun.

What's currently worrying you?
How much I am Actively Resisting studying for the biggest exam in my life in 2 days.
Diamond Dog wrote:
nev gash wrote:What is point?

Indeed, what is point?