Anthropomorphism of animals

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby Minnie the Minx » 03 Dec 2017, 22:56

Do you do it?
Is it a good or a bad thing?
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Someone in your line of work usually as their own man cave aka the shed we're they can potter around fixing stuff or something don't they?

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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby toomanyhatz » 03 Dec 2017, 23:45


Well, I find it amusing. And as long as Roscoe doesn't mind (he told me he didn't while we were sitting together drinking a glass of wine and watching TV) then I figure no harm done.
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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby PresMuffley » 03 Dec 2017, 23:50

No, I don't think I do... pretty sure I don't, and if so, very rarely and minorly.

Whether or not it's a bad thing isn't really for me to say. I wouldn't try to get my dog to be my chauffeur, and an all-kitten cast of The Threepenny Opera doesn't appeal to me, but if that's your thing, by all means, enjoy.
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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby Flower » 04 Dec 2017, 00:22


It's just what it is ... Scout is really good at predicting hockey and baseball scores. She's not that great at football scores but is a New Orleans Saints and New York Jets fan.
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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby take5_d_shorterer » 04 Dec 2017, 00:26

Not only animals.

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(Reading) 'It was late afternoon at our desert airdrome. The sun was lazy, the air was warm and a faint haze of propeller dust hung over the field, giving it softness. We had already seen death that afternoon, for one of the returning Fortresses had released a red flare over the field. And I had stood with others beneath the great plane as they handed its dead pilot, head downward, through the escape hatch onto a stretcher. The faces of his crew were grave, and nobody talked very much. One man clutched a leather cap with blood on it; the pilot's hands were very white. Everybody knew the pilot. He was so young a couple of hours ago. The war came inside us then, and we felt it deeply.'

Then Ernie describes a group of Flying Fortresses that had been out on a mission and were coming back. Most of them had made it back to the field, but one was still missing. And they wait, really, for several hours, then they give up the plane for lost. And then all of a sudden, there's a flare seen on the horizon and they realize that it's that last Fortress coming back to the field, but very slowly.

He says (Reading), 'It seemed almost on the ground it was so low, and in the first glance, we could sense that it was barely moving, barely staying in the air; crippled and alone, two hours behind all the rest. It was dragging itself home. I am a layman and no longer of the fraternity that flies, but I can feel. And at that moment, I felt something close to human love for that faithful, battered machine, that far, dark speck struggling toward us with such pathetic slowness. Thousands of men around that vast field suddenly realized that they were weak and that they could hear their hearts pounding. Our 10 dead men were miraculously back from the grave.'

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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby sloopjohnc » 04 Dec 2017, 00:55

Sure. It's kinda natural - everybody works from their own frame of reference for almost any judgement.
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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby PENK » 04 Dec 2017, 05:31


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Re: Anthropomorphism of animals

Postby German Dave » 04 Dec 2017, 10:16

I do it with animals but I draw the line at Tory MPs.
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