Christmas 2017

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks

Your thoughts on Xmas

I love it. All the traditions, dinner, family etc...
I like it, but it goes on a bit nowadays.
I put up with it for a quiet life.
I'm totally unfussed by it.
I sort of dread it. Enforced conviviality etc - but will get in the spirit just keep appearances up.
I actively dislike it.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby sloopjohnc » 29 Nov 2017, 17:23

Toby wrote:The Tree goes up in our house around a week or so before. Part of me goes a bit swivel-eyed when I see any decorations out before then if I'm honest.

My brother-in-law does the whole tree up and everything on Dec 1st every year and every year the tree is forlorn and sagging by the 25th.

There is something in the whole "Oh do you remember these?" when you get the decorations box down from the loft. I put cinnamon sticks and cloves in it so that every year it smells like Christmas when I get it. We have loads of poncey glass ones and disgustingly tasteful ones that have accumulated over the years as you might imagine. I try to buy the odd kitsch one like a Burger in a Bun or something, but somehow they never make it to the tree..

I have a bacon slice ornament I love putting on the tree.


And I bought a Golden State Warriors Santa ornament I put up.

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Harvey K-Tel
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Harvey K-Tel » 29 Nov 2017, 17:25

This will likely be the last Christmas spent in my parents' house as my mom will be selling it next year and moving in with my sister on her farm. It's not that big a deal, come to think of it, because I can't remember the last time we did Christmas there - some time before my dad passed away in 2014 I think. Anyway, I enjoy this time of year, but don't really do too much in the way of "Christmassy stuff". I'll put some coloured lights on a shrub in our front yard this weekend and burn some pine-scented candles, but that's about it. The only gift I'm giving is a bottle of scotch to my brother-in-law (although I suspect I'll get something for the missus and the doggie, too). I like the coziness of the drawn in nights, just sitting around doing nothing, having a few drinks and some food, and I'm really looking forward to not having to go to work for two weeks.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Nick » 30 Nov 2017, 10:19

I love Christmas, and we've managed over the last few years to evolve a method of doing it our way. Neither CatnHat nor I have large families, so we don't have lots of people we feel obligated to go and see. We're going to the north east to see my parents and my sister, her boyfriend and kids etc the weekend of the 16th & 17th, and then going to CatnHat's folks on Friday the 22nd, so we'll be home on Christmas Eve.

Our plan from then on is to meet some friends for drinks in the pub in the late afternoon, as we usually do, and then wander home and lock the front door for the next two days. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day we'll have lie ins, eat nice food and drink good booze, read, do jigsaws, chat, and watch good DVDs or stuff on Netflix.

Apart from reading The Spectator Christmas issue, I am not to bother with any news media or normal TV the whole time.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Fonz » 30 Nov 2017, 11:24

I love it.

Got to visit family in Halifax the week before, have a Christmas dinner, go to a Christmas event, exchange pressies etc.
Travel back to Bournemouth, and do it all again, a week later, but for real this time!

I enjoy the over-indulgence.
I enjoy the traditions.
Nativity plays, carols etc

I love presents-giving and receiving.
I like the bonhomie that goes with it, whether its out and about, or at work.

Since Noel Edmonds stopeed doing the Christmas morning telly I don't have the TV on. I'd rather watch a Spiderman film.

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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby !!VAPRANT!! » 30 Nov 2017, 11:55

It's been just me and Ma - sometimes her sister, too - for the last few years. It's fine, just like an especially quiet Sunday with better TV and food.

I enjoy the period but I'm usually quite happy to be back to work again in early January.

It's true that putting in the extra effort can really pay off.
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trans-chigley express
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby trans-chigley express » 01 Dec 2017, 04:22

Copehead wrote:I will be on board a Japanese vessel so I am not sure how far they go with Christmas once they have put up the crucified Santa Claus decorations

The Japanese don't really bother much with Christmas and is a reason I often go there over the holiday period. Strangely it actually feels more festive as you have the Christmas weather and scenery - snow covered fir trees and snowy mountains - but none of the commercialism and that suits me just fine.

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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Still Baron » 01 Dec 2017, 04:25

Wrong thread!
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The Red Heifer
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby The Red Heifer » 01 Dec 2017, 08:58

I love Christmas, there's just something in the air. We go to mum and dads for lunch and beers then at night to a family friends for a light dinner, pool, card games and more beer. This is the day I've become accustomed to and I love it so. However, I will probably be in NZ next year to give my wife one with her parents, problem is they wouldn't know a celebration if it kicked them in the genitals.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Deebank » 01 Dec 2017, 10:03

Toby wrote:
sloopjohnc wrote:[ Although, I'd like to forget how long it took me to put together all the toys after the kids opened them.

My son has requested the Lego Millennium Falcon and it has over a thousand pieces. I suspect it'll probably take around 4 hours or so to construct.

This gives me an excuse not to talk to anyone during that time.

I used to spend all Christmas building lego stuff for my daughters (plus we'd get the lego advent calendar too). I loved it. They're too old now alas :cry:

One Christmas when my (half) brothers were in their early teens they got a Tamiya RC car each which needed to be built. I spent days constructing their complex 4wd transmissions - and then rebuilding them when I noticed the wheels were all turning in different directions...

We went up to stay for easter and I asked if the cars were still in one piece only to be told they's swapped them for a Nintendo :x Bloody kids!
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby kewl klive » 01 Dec 2017, 10:13

The Red Heifer wrote:However, I will probably be in NZ next year to give my wife one with her parents

A Brazzers rep will be in touch shortly.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby PresMuffley » 04 Dec 2017, 12:37

Three weeks to go and I've only bought one gift:


I don't love or hate Xmas. There is a definite feeling in the air though, and that can be quite nice at times. When I was in my twenties I was more inclined to disregard it all together, but it is good getting together with a few old friends I don't have much time to hang with during the year. And I enjoy buying their kids gifts. So yeah, I guess I'm becoming a regular Xmas loon.
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Re: Christmas 2017

Postby Neige » 04 Dec 2017, 13:29

I chose "sort of dread it but put up with it".

We'll have to go to a couple of family dos with copious meals and conflicting emotions - my brother's cancer has come back (thyroid this time) and I don't think he has the stamina to put up another fight. My 16-months-old grand-nieces are cute, but I find it hard to connect (twins conceived with ART, they were premature and have already had more operations than my own household combined). And our own lil' Neigemonette is now 27 and currently travelling around Colombia. :|

I really miss the warm and cosy family christmases we had when my parents were still alive.
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