May still desperately clinging on to power

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: May still desperately clinging on to power

Postby Diamond Dog » 22 Dec 2018, 04:02

yomptepi wrote:
Diamond Dog wrote:
yomptepi wrote:
Maybe Jeremy could parachute his son in as the new MP?

You're not actually very good at answering the points in the post you quote, are you?

I must be becoming a politician.

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Re: May still desperately clinging on to power

Postby Copehead » 24 Dec 2018, 10:27

Samoan wrote:
Copehead wrote:..

What Lewis didn't say in his principled sounding resignation was that he was under investigation for allegations of a serious sexual nature and I guess he'd just found out that it it wasn't going well.

So he suddenly, after many years in parliament, became intensely interested in anti-semitism

Lewis is Jewish.

The key words in your post are "allegations" and "I guess..".
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Well that seems as good a reason as any: including the fact that after being Jewish all his life and a Labour member and MP for much of it he has just come round to noticing that the Labour Party is riddled with anti-semitism and only deals with it by doing stuff like making Jews party leader, making them MPs and handing over evidence of anti-semitism by people claiming to be Labour Party members/supporters to the police.

I am sure the sexual assaults on women were all made up by anti-semitic women he has met.
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Re: May still desperately clinging on to power

Postby Deebank » 24 Dec 2018, 10:52

It is also quite convenient that resigning the Labour whip means he doesn't have to face an internal investigation.
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