Farewell to the original "World's Foremost Authority"

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Farewell to the original "World's Foremost Authority"

Postby Charlie O. » 10 Feb 2017, 07:36

I only just learned that Professor Irwin Corey passed away just a few days ago - of nothing more pernicious, it seems, than old age. He was 102. He started doing his prof shtick in the late 1940s, and was still "lecturing" semi-regularly until fairly recently.

I saw him in 1984, not long after the Letterman performance below (which I didn't see at the time) - at a rock club, opening for NRBQ. He killed.

I wish there was more on YouTube from his younger days. I remember seeing a hilarious appearance on The Steve Allen Show from the mid-late '50s where he wreaked even more havoc than Jerry Lee Lewis.

Bless you, sir.


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Re: Farewell to the original "World's Foremost Authority"

Postby fueryIre » 10 Feb 2017, 08:04

And there was the rest of us thinking that it related to Copey's latest farewell..

Copehead wrote:I've pretty much had it with politics in this country, if dumb fucks want to elect Nuttal because he, a man who was vowing to dismantle the NHS 18 months ago, has "protect the NHS" on his banners they fully deserve the arse reaming they are going to get as they are made poorer and have their rights and services taken away, the counter argument is always - but what about the poor people who don't vote for this ridiculous sack of shite and lies, to which the answer is organise or die because I don't care any more.


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Re: Farewell to the original "World's Foremost Authority"

Postby Flower » 10 Feb 2017, 17:52

If love could've saved you, you would've lived forever.

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