History V Geography

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks


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Re: History V Geography

Postby Copehead » 19 Sep 2011, 17:52

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Hugh wrote:I hope using chapeau in posts isn't going to catch on.

I thought the anti-French feeling on here had ended. incroyable!

If you ask me, I agree it is rather old-hat.

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Re: History V Geography

Postby savoirefaire » 20 Sep 2011, 19:37

When I had to make a choice in school between Geography, History and Literature (I could only take 2 humanities at a time for O Levels) I went with Geography and Literature. I learnt a lot more about history in my Literature class that I found interesting and more revealing about human behaviour and society etc than I ever did during History class in the preceeding years. Human geography did tackle a lot of History as well, and had relevant ideas about demographics, settlements, policies and other sociopolitical issues.
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