How It Works - Please Read

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How It Works - Please Read

Postby Corporate whore » 15 Nov 2011, 12:51

So recently the process has gone awry a couple of times, so for the absence of doubt, this is how it works;

1) Approx. two weeks before your posting date I will send a PM asking the next poster on the list to get ready and to commit to a date
2) Relevant poster sends me a PM acknowlaging OR declining, in which case I will remove them. If I don not recieve a response, I will remove them.
3) When DID list is ready to go, poster sends me a PM asking for a date to post
4) I PM back with date
5) On the given date the poster puts up their DID
6) Everybodt else reads, enjoys and comments.

If someone wishes to jump the queue, that is OK! just send me a PM ONLY WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GO, and I will schedule you in the next available slot. You may be asked to post early if I need an emergancy stand-in.

The list of posters can be found near the end of the 'completed ones' thread. A poster who is still on the list but 'in the past' is someone who has made a commitmment but asked to be defered.

Any questions, pop them in this thread or send me a PM.