A birth

As it says on the tin. Contains the In Memoriam, birthday greetings and splicing announcements of this community.
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Nikki Gradual
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A birth

Postby Nikki Gradual » 18 Nov 2008, 15:21

Our second, Lucie, came along yesterday, 6lb 5oz, cute as a button despite currently looking like an old man. Over the moon, but terrified.
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Re: A birth

Postby bhoywonder » 18 Nov 2008, 17:21

great news James, very hearty congratulations! :D

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Charlie O.
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Re: A birth

Postby Charlie O. » 18 Nov 2008, 18:05

Yes, congratulations!

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Re: A birth

Postby LMG » 18 Nov 2008, 19:46

Well done! I suppose your better half had a role in it too, so well done she.
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Re: A birth

Postby yomptepi » 18 Nov 2008, 22:29

Great News James.

So that means you will now get absolutely no sleep until 2014.

You lucky man.
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Diamond Dog
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Re: A birth

Postby Diamond Dog » 19 Nov 2008, 09:37

Top stuff James - heartiest congrats to you and yours!
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Re: A birth

Postby Prograstinator » 19 Nov 2008, 09:42

Congratulations :D

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Re: A birth

Postby John_K » 19 Nov 2008, 09:55

Congratulations, good news is always welcome :)

Conrad Knight Socks
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Re: A birth

Postby Conrad Knight Socks » 19 Nov 2008, 11:40

Many congratulations, and I hope all involved are doing well.
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The Prof
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Re: A birth

Postby The Prof » 19 Nov 2008, 13:03

Well done to both of you.

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Re: A birth

Postby Neige » 19 Nov 2008, 15:40

Congratulations to you both, Nikki :)
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La Denim

Re: A birth

Postby La Denim » 19 Nov 2008, 20:33

Many congratulations! What great news. Photos soon I hope.

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Re: A birth

Postby Jeemo » 19 Nov 2008, 21:11

Someone smaller than you :o

Best Wishes
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Walk In My Shadow
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Re: A birth

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 20 Nov 2008, 06:30

Keep up the good work! Congratulations.


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Re: A birth

Postby toomanyhatz » 20 Nov 2008, 07:40

May she be blessed with her mother's looks. :lol:

Congrats and well done!
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Doctor Jimmy
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Re: A birth

Postby Doctor Jimmy » 21 Nov 2008, 12:16

Fantastic! Congratulations, James!

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Re: A birth

Postby Hugh » 22 Nov 2008, 17:28

Only just seen this. Congratulations to you all.

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The Fish
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Re: A birth

Postby The Fish » 22 Nov 2008, 19:43

hugh jarse wrote:Only just seen this. Congratulations to you all.

Likewise. Congratulations James.
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Re: A birth

Postby Prograstinator » 22 Nov 2008, 22:43


My first, name undecided, 7lb 5oz, born yesterday. Hope this photo links ok, it comes from facebook, it's the first one I took. Both mother and baby are doing fine, I hope to have them home with me tomorrow,

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Re: A birth

Postby Livet » 27 Nov 2008, 02:30

Just saw this. Well done, Lucie. You've got your hands full!
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