Rory Bellows 5 Aug 1963 - 12 Mar 2016

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Re: Rory Bellows 5 Aug 1963 - 12 Mar 2016

Postby Teabag » 06 Dec 2016, 01:50

So sorry to be late in adding my heartfelt condolences.

I did meet Bob when he was on a business trip to Singapore. Mudshark and I arranged to meet him at The Crazy Elephant on Clarke Quay. We were the only ones in the place but we had a great night listening to the house band, consuming too many beers, singing along badly to the live band [spectacularly out of tune vocals by all three of us on "You Really Got Me" - is such a thing possible?] and writing our names onto the wall of fame/shame. We later heard his business meeting the next day was conducted through a rather thick fog on his part. At the time we felt the evening was testimony to the wonders of BCB. A Scot, an Englishman and a Cloggie walked into a bar...

The guitarist in the house band turned out to be Angshu, who later joined BCB.

Whenever I play The Damned I think of Bob. They were our common ground after we disagreed over the worthiness of The Clash (him for, me against).
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Re: Rory Bellows 5 Aug 1963 - 12 Mar 2016

Postby Minnie Cheddars » 16 Dec 2016, 02:38

What a lovely and probably unintentionally heartbreaking post.
I've been thinking about his family just this week.
RIP my lovely.
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