My Sister

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purgatory brite

My Sister

Postby purgatory brite » 18 Jul 2012, 14:12

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not. However, some BCBers have expressed their sympathy on Facebook which I greatly appreciate.

My sister, Alison, died yesterday at the terribly young age of 47. She had fought a brave fight against circulatory problems for the last few years. Nevertheless, this has come as a great shock to me and my family.


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Re: My Sister

Postby kath » 18 Jul 2012, 15:19

i'm so very sorry, ian. i send you and yers all the love and wishes for peace kathishly possible. i think i've made it pretty clear what my core philosophy is on such things, but the truth is... as everyone fucquin knows... gettin yer heart harrowed by the loss of a beluvved one never gets easier, softer, less... harrowing. mind ya, it's also proof that that heart comes from a loving, caring person, and ya know damn well yer sister understood that, through all things. that right there is the core of it all, ya know. love, completely irrelevant to time and its effects. you, sir, are a fantastically groovy, kind-hearted and noble ogre. i know people think i'm crazy when i say this kinda shit (and since i'm crazy, i really don't give a damn if anyone thinks i'm crazy), but if you ask me, her knowin it never stops, in the only reality that counts.

i said this during the stormwatch listen... this song is the candle i leave in my window in the middle of a wintry night for all my beluvveds who've moved on. i will always be home for them, the candle will always burn for them. amor omnia vincit.

i got ears, any time. two of em, even. (you might wanna wait til after the dental surgery tomorrow, though. i make even less sense when i'm on anaesthesia.)


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Dr Benway
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Re: My Sister

Postby Dr Benway » 18 Jul 2012, 15:44

I'm very sorry to hear this. As ever at these times it is difficult to find the right words, but Kath seems to have expressed all I could say and more. Chin up.
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Re: My Sister

Postby C » 18 Jul 2012, 17:00

Very sad news Ian

Sincere condolences to you and your family

Stephen, Yalini and family
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Re: My Sister

Postby Charlie O. » 18 Jul 2012, 17:15

I'm so sorry, Ian. My prayers go to you and your family.

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atomic loonybin
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Re: My Sister

Postby atomic loonybin » 18 Jul 2012, 17:18

Condolences Ian. Which is completely inadequate at times like this, but look after yourself and your family.

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Re: My Sister

Postby Snarfyguy » 18 Jul 2012, 20:32

Very sorry to hear it.
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Re: My Sister

Postby doctorlouie » 18 Jul 2012, 22:05

Difficult to add anything to the sympathies already expressed, which I'll simply echo. Lean on us if you need to or ignore us if you're needed elsewhere. We'll be here, progging along, awaiting your return.


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Re: My Sister

Postby Jimbly » 18 Jul 2012, 22:46

Take care of yourself.
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Re: My Sister

Postby Minnie the Minx » 19 Jul 2012, 01:29

Sending good thoughts your way, and hope strength is plentiful. So sorry.
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Re: My Sister

Postby never/ever » 19 Jul 2012, 14:40

Ian, all my best wishes and strength for you and your family. Thought your tribute on Facebook was incredibly caring and moving.

This song here was one that my sister and I shared after the passing of our mother- it gave us a bit of peace.

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purgatory brite

Re: My Sister

Postby purgatory brite » 19 Jul 2012, 20:27

kath wrote: i know people think i'm crazy when i say this kinda shit

I wouldn't want it to be any other way, Kath!

Thank you all for your condolences, it does help you know!

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Re: My Sister

Postby the masked man » 19 Jul 2012, 22:32

Take care, pb. So sorry for your loss.

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Re: My Sister

Postby Moleskin » 19 Jul 2012, 23:45

Sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and yours.
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Re: My Sister

Postby Magilla » 21 Jul 2012, 01:47

My condolences to you,your sister's relatives and her friends.
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Re: My Sister

Postby Nolamike » 25 Jul 2012, 14:48

Just seeing this - my condolences.
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