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Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 08 Jan 2018, 16:38
by pcqgod
fange wrote:WoA is a cracking comp., good choice. What did you have to fork out for it, if i can ask?

Came out to a little over 10 bucks, counting shipping costs. It's domestically available through the Bomp! store. The single was actually more expensive for me, since I ordered it through the DM3 official site.

Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 21:43
by pcqgod
Time to move on to the next round, I guess.

Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 31 Jan 2018, 16:45
by Walk In My Shadow
pcqgod wrote:Time to move on to the next round, I guess.

Again my sincerest apologies. It is half done and I will send it to you.

But y'all should go on to the next round and take me out for that one at least.

Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 01 Feb 2018, 18:26
by The Fish
WEll I was going to take Yves out anyway, and while you are finishing compiling how about posting a reviw :twisted:

I'll send matches at the weekend. APologies for dragging I've had a few distractions myself including moving.

Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 20:35
by Minnie Cheddars
Oooh! Good luck with the move Paul

Re: Nov/Dec Reviews

Posted: 18 Feb 2018, 15:41
by pcqgod
Okay, I got a mix in which I don't know or even have a good guess as to any of the artists. All of it sounds like it dates from 1980 onward.

Track one is a low-key power pop thing with nice harmonies with the chorus "There will be no next time."

Track two is a driving, shuffle beat thing with lyrics about match box cars. Sounds like some of the more edgy new wave circa '80.

Track three has loud distorted guitars but somewhat psychedelic lyrics and melody. I like the harmonies.

Track four is the heaviest number yet, like the stuff Metallica was doing around the early 2000's maybe, but a bit more raunchy. Good hard rock groove.

Track five is a lovely guitar pop thing with a hypnotic lead guitar line in the chorus.

Track six sounds like some post-grunge group trying to be Aerosmith. Sounds vaguely familiar but I never followed bands of this ilk.

Track seven sounds like more of the same with a vocalist who sounds a lot like Stephen Tyler. I like the guitar on this one.

Track eight is an alternative pop/rock thing, maybe some Pixies influence. Catchy melody with lyrics about this being a sad, sad planet. Yep.

Track nine is another poppy thing, driven by violins.

Track ten is a kind of moody, acoustic guitar driven thing. Didn't make much impression on me.

Track eleven has some cool, reverby guitar and a nice groove. I believe the vocalist is a woman, but could be a guy with a high voice.

Track twelve is a bluesy thing with another raspy voiced singer. Sounds like something you would hear playing during an episode of "True Blood."

Track thirteen has a driving pop punk groove and strong melody.

Track fourteen is a mournful sounding slow number that builds in intensity. Pretty good.

Track fifteen is a catchy power pop thing with good lead guitar. Sounds like the vocalist is singing "It's Johnny Winter!" on the chorus.