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Re: June/July reviews

Postby Minnie the Minx » 09 Oct 2016, 16:45

whodathunkit wrote:
Minnie the Minx wrote:Many apologies for the lateness of my review. I am very snowed under with stuff and should have got to this a long time ago.
I have no clue who this disc is from! Which I like.

1. Vaguely gothy sort of Sisters of Mercy ditty, sounds like a cross between them and Editors. Don't dislike, but at the same time, it ain't moving my hips but this is very up my street

Shearwater tend to do pompous and anthemic rather than hip-shaking. And yet they are one of my faves. Go figure."A Long Time Away" from their latest effort, Jet Plane And Oxbow.

2. VERY up my street. Clearly batty high pitched female and really gorgeous electro hook. Yes, very sweet indeed.

Obviously I must have thought this was a banker because, looking back through old mix club threads, I find I've sent the bloody thing to you before! :lol: French-Canadian Keren Anne and "My Name Is Trouble". Mind you it's gone down much better this time. Perhaps I should try again sometime with Track 9. :D

3. Some sweet guitar on this, and an almost desert like ambience about it. It sounds like a bit like Thom Yorke, but it almost sounds a little high pitched for him. Is this the new Radiohead?

Funny you should say desert-like. It's called "Desert Island Disk". And yes it is from the excellent new Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool

4. Another vaguely disco electric track that is sweet enough. Sounds a bit like Mika? Nice enough

Should have been a contender. Everybody raved about him in the late 90s and he never sold squat. Lewis Taylor and "Lovelight"

5. Belle and Bloody Sebastian! :D (I like it - I like it)

From last years (disappointing) album,Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, probably the only decent track "The Cat With The Cream"

6. Nice female vocal on this slowish ballad, I think it sounds very Julia Holterish but Baron is here and he says he thinks it's a 1960's tune. I think it sounds too contemporary for that. WHO IS CORRECT?

Well, it's retro but they do it bloody well. LA duo The Bird And The Bee with "I'm A Broken Heart"

7. This is that beautiful piano piece that I know and can't name.

Stop the world for 2 and a half minutes. Erik Satie's Gnossienne No 1.

8. Fuck, this is a gorgeous vocal that sounds like Dusty Springfield except just lacking a bit of her depth and velvetiness. Lovely.

One of the great female singer-songwriters. And yet my favourite album of hers is a collection of covers. Laura Nyro and "The Wind".

9. Um this is just the wrong side of hipster for me.

Jens Lekman is always a risky choice. Whimsical or fey? Idiosyncratic or pretentious. You are the jury.Oh dear :D . This one's called "Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder"

10. Is this Prince? Doing Joni Mitchell? Lovely

Much as I love Joni I've never thought she's the most coverable of artists. Till I heard this . His Princeness of course and his gorgeous version of "A Case Of You"

11. Joni Mitchell - Chinese Cafe - gorgeous

Seemed like a natural ending. The orchestral version from the neglected Travelogue double album.

Minnie the Minx wrote: Very sorry for my late review. This was a lovely disc, really lovely. The only track I was less than keen on was track 9. Thank you so much compiler! I am very very excited to see the reveal.

Glad you enjoyed it.

1. "A Long Time Away" - Shearwater
2. "My Name Is Trouble" - Keren Anne
3. "Desert Island Disk" - Radiohead
4, "Lovelight" - Lewis Taylor
5. "The Cat With the Cream" - Belle and Sebstian
6. "I'm A Broken Heart" - The Bird and The Bee
7. "Gnossienne No 1" - Erik Satie
8. "The Wind " - Laura Nyro
9. "Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder" - Jens Lekmen
10. "A Case Of You" - Prince
11. "Chinese Cafe" - Joni Mitchell

Oh my gosh! I missed this. Thank you so much. I loved this disc!
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