Oscar/Prof's CD mix swap for May.

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Oscar/Prof's CD mix swap for May.

Postby Prof Yuri » 03 May 2015, 13:19

Here is my review of Oscar's fine offering, many thanks to him for sending me a total of 3 discs now.

Eqquisite II

1. Jimmy Cash - The Sun is Falling Down.
Ominous synths give way to narration. The destruction of America, so stunned due to the fact that they like to keep the damage in Europe. Very low key beginnings. VG.[very good]

2. Tom Waites - Watching the Guns.
Heavy trombones continue the ambience started by the previous track. Gravelly vocals and slow brass. This is not going to be a cheary album creation. VG.

3. American Concert Orchestra - The Guns Fall Silent.
Once again we are treated to the undercurrent of atmospheric brass overlaid by some slow string work by the cello. Sounds like the final theme of a war picture. So well observed that we can almost 'see' the stark white lettering rolling upward on a sable background. VG.

4. Nessy Quible - I'm a Fool.
Throaty and obviously black, blues singer giving it her all. Never has love sounded so little fun. Very funny.

5. Sheila Cooke - End of the Day.
The Landscape is beautiful in its starkness. Australia seems to fit the bill. Once again cinematic in presentation and style. Very 2300hours and with subdued lighting. This was not a comedy. VG

6. Sister Rahma - Mending the Breaks.
Very floydian opening with the steel guitar backed by someone mending shoes. Unfortunately the female singers diction is not good enough to pick out the title, the backing band are reminiscent of the Amadeus troup. Very curious sound quality to this one, sounds like it was recorded on a cassette tape in an aircraft hangar. VG.

7. The Viothon Quartet - Musings.
I have always felt the Viola to be a seriously underused instrument, but it has a far more woody melancholy than the violin and is used to superb effect in this sort instrumental. VG

8. Can - The Last Twelve Minutes.
The sort of thing Eno fans would lap up. Aural wallpaper that tries harder to be commercial by adding faint female voices. Their diction does not allow for actual lyrics but rather is treat by the producer as a throat instument. Not disimilar to the throat singing of Eskimos. VG

9. Florence Roundabout - Watch the Sky.
Very dated, probably deliberately slow, this contralto singer seems to emulate early Bowie, when he was still be very cok-a-knee. She has such a low register it sounds as though the tape recorder needs new batteries. Unintensionally hysterical, very very twee and even funier. Lifts the spirits after all the heavyweight material that has preceeded it.

10. The Schoolgirls Choir - Oratorio.
Great research has obviously been put into getting something recorded on shellac 78rpm. I used to listen to Bing Crosby on this medium and the use of brass reminded me of that. Then, when you think you've got a handle on it a girls choir cuts in. I'm guessing this was a religiously inspired piece, simply because the girls keep singing Amen of course. VG

11. Tiny Tim - Thinking of You.
This one is sung so badly it actually has tears of mirth running down my face. Cannot possibly be from an album, one's sides would never take the strain. Tremendous fun. VG.

12. Budapest Symphony Orchestra - Schindlers other list.
Oscar's sense of humour drips from every single offering of this super collection. Raised at smile at the low points, made me laugh long and hard at the highs. So the final track was a relief and an opportunity to calm down. Violin lead music score for what would possibly be a Holocaust movie.

In conclusion a brilliant collection of tracks that delight and tickle, which I suspect was Oscar's intention all along, thank you very much a great mix club offering.