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..and why not?
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Diamond Dog
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Re: Now Watching on TV

Postby Diamond Dog » 17 Jun 2020, 21:45

Ploughed through five of this six part docuseries regarding the fraud/scam of the McDonalds Monopoly game ,that ran from 1989-2001. Amazing story which really does defy belief. Last one to watch tomorrow.


Take a look. It's on Sky Channel 114 at present.
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The Prof
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Re: Now Watching on TV

Postby The Prof » 18 Jun 2020, 10:14

Will give it a spin.

I enjoyed* the film Laundromat with Meryl Streep about corporate fraud and Panama accounts. I think you'll feel suitable angered if you find it.

(*enraged beyond belief)

Sam Stone
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Re: Now Watching on TV

Postby Sam Stone » 18 Jun 2020, 16:51

Only got through the first episode.

It was good but was badly padded out.

Didn't fancy sitting through another five eps so moved on to something else (The Devil Next Door on NF - about John Demanjuek - very, very good)