Return of the RECENT VIEWING

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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Powehi » 29 Nov 2019, 11:01


An incredible movie - both heartbreaking and heartwarming - about what happened - and is still happening in Syria.

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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby St Jeemo the Humourless » 29 Nov 2019, 21:21

St Jeemo the Humourless wrote:
Matt Wilson wrote:Geez, I haven't posted a new review on this thread in months, but is no one going to review this?

The Irishman

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, got that out of the way. So we all sat down dutifully around the TV last night and partook of Scorcese's latest. His first mob movie since The Departed in 2006. I'll not bother with plot summary but I will say that Frank Sheeran's account of offing Jimmy Hoffa, and other Mafia hits are debated fiercely on the internet. There's absolutely no proof that any of this happened folks, And Sheeran himself is no longer around to answer questions. So with that in your head, just keep an open mind when you watch, strap yourself in, get over the CGI-faces which are on display for over half of the film, and you should have no problem enjoying the ride. DeNiro is in almost every scene, Pesci underplays, and Pacino steals almost every moment that he's in. Harvey Keitel is even in a few parts. It's three-and-a-half hours, but I wasn't bored much. Since this is the last time (?) we'll see something like this from these guys, we should be thankful it's around. I'm not going to heap effusive praise on the project like most of the reviews I'm been reading, but I will say I had a good time, and will probably watch it again before Christmas. It'll be interesting to see how the academy reacts next year come nomination (and awards) time. I don't know if I enjoyed it more than Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (and I had my issues with that picture as well), but I just saw it, so my thoughts on the two may change once I've seen both of them again.

Still got an hour to go, loving it do far. I'm not the biggest Marty fan but this is great.

Finished it last night and will watch it again on my big telly when back home. Wonderful performances from every single person in the film. Pesci is extraordinary good, the rest are just magnificent.

Oscars are waiting.
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Six String » 30 Nov 2019, 18:21

I'm going to watch it today sometme but as it s 3.5 hrs long I haven't decided when.

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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby The Prof » Yesterday, 14:41

I was decidedly underwhelmed. It was all just so matter-of-fact and lacking in any real drama. I watched it to the end but when you're aware that it's one persons story and it may not be true I didn't feel in any way engaged with the whole thing.

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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Minnie the Minx » Yesterday, 17:43

Discovered more comedy on Netflix - Tom Segora is funny as fuck and Norm MacDonald’s stand up is also worth seeking out.
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Matt Wilson » Yesterday, 18:24

Saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood again last night. Liked it a lot better. I'm probably going to say it was my fave film of 2019.