Return of the RECENT VIEWING

..and why not?
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Polishgirl » 08 Feb 2019, 20:51

Incredible, isn’t it!
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Minnie the Minx » 10 Feb 2019, 14:25

We watched ‘The Favourite’ last night which was good fun. Visually spectacular.
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby echolalia » 11 Feb 2019, 18:52

The North Yorks Moors wrote:

Difficult not to like.

There’s a funny continuity slip in this film – at least I think there is. It’s in a scene where a guy is eating spaghetti and clams. The picture cuts away from the clams, then back again, and in the interval (barely a couple of seconds) a new heap of pasta has appeared on the guy’s plate! Or maybe I was just very hungry at the time.

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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby pcqgod » 12 Feb 2019, 01:54


The Wandering Earth (2019)

50 or so years in the future, the sun begins dying, prompting the nations of Earth to join in a millennias-long project that will propel Earth to a new solar system via giant engines. This movie comes across as a distillation of 50 years of Hollywood blockbuster sci-fi movies, magnified to the nth power. Besides the imaginative premise, some really striking visuals, and generally a pretty fun adventure, if a bit long, and the climax seems to go on forever.
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Jeemo » 12 Feb 2019, 22:06

I watched Performance a few nights ago. I picked it up on bluray in a 2 for 15 deal, along with Lost Horizon. I saw it years ago on telly and to be honest didn't think that much of it. I think having adverts throughout it probably spoiled the flow.

The real joy this time round was James Fox. What a performance, a million miles away from his usual roles. Totally convincing as Chaz. Jagger was good but it wasn't really much of a stretch for him to play. Anita was gorgeous and the bath water was filthy.

So how much was the finished film Cammell or Roeg? To me it looks more in line with Roegs style but I've only seen one other Cammell film, Demon Seed which I don't really remember much about. Anyone seen Cammell's other movies.
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby Snarfyguy » 12 Feb 2019, 22:07


This was excellent! Really funny stuff. Highly recommended.


This was sweet and good-natured and raised a few chuckles.


This was mostly pretty good, but Denis Leary, still, really?
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Re: Return of the RECENT VIEWING

Postby caramba » 13 Feb 2019, 12:10


So many great, great John Huston movies, but this late period masterpiece would surely be in his top five.

Have always adored the film since I first saw it on the big screen in Leicester Square forty-odd years ago.

Caught it again for about the thousandth time on BBC over the weekend.

They really do not make movies like this any more more's the pity.

There being no CGI everything went on the script, the setting and the actors.

Even Connery's fall from the bridge at the end was done by a stuntman.