Television has mostly stopped production

..and why not?
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Television has mostly stopped production

Postby Flower » 03 Apr 2020, 17:19 ... xt-1285099

TV Has Mostly Stopped Production. What Happens Next?

Industry insiders mull everything from filming in trimmed-down shifts, opening writers rooms and picking up pilots to series without producing a single scene as fallout from the coronavirus global pandemic turns the industry upside down.

As production grinds to a halt amid a global pandemic, the television industry, like nearly every other, is navigating unchartered territory.

And while there are many more questions than answers, The Hollywood Reporter polled all corners of the business to try to get a read on where everything is — and is headed. What, for instance, will come of the traditional TV season? How about the 60 broadcast pilots that are suddenly on hold? And what about a potential writers strike, which was supposed to be the thing that stopped production this spring?

In every case, writers, reps and executives — all experimenting with virtual providers like WebEx and Zoom for the first time — would only speak on the condition of anonymity given the rapidly changing nature of our current world.
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Re: Television has mostly stopped production

Postby GoogaMooga » 04 Apr 2020, 01:31

Years pass between my sitting down and committing myself to a series. Even now, with binge watching a reality, I don't have the stamina. But it is of course sad when people's livelihood is affected.
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