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Postby Diamond Dog » 19 Jan 2020, 13:46

No, not the Stallone film... the Sky One miniseries.


Not really sure what to make of it. I've got to episode 4, of 6, and I'm oddly compelled...even though the plot has some wildly ridiculous anomalies (mobile phones all working perfectly okay in a complete electrical shutdown... chargers and satellites still work then?) and there are some really obvious and cliched side plots ... the storyline itself (a plasma shot from the sun causing total electrical failure in the UK) is entirely possible, one would imagine. Some excellent performances too (Victoria Hamilton is particularly excellent).

I shall watch the last two and see if it all gets tidied up correctly - though i fear the goodies will beat the baddies, and we'll all be living happily ever after, having all learnt from our mistakes..... :D
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Postby ` » 19 Jan 2020, 16:47

We watched the first three episodes last night.

Despite the risibly cliched writing, phoned-in performances, Sea of Tranquility-sized potholes and desperate wish to be a British 24, it’s really, really moreish.

My fave plot holes are the fact that the papers are publishing as normal despite vast tracts of the country having no power, and the unseemly haste with which minor, minor character Georgia’s parents shut off her life support following her OD.

Looking forward immensely to the last three episodes and seeing dastardly David (boo! Hiss!) HaIg get his come-uppance in episode six.

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Postby Rorschach » 20 Jan 2020, 10:45

Diamond Dog wrote: ... the storyline itself (a plasma shot from the sun causing total electrical failure in the UK) is entirely possible, one would imagine.

More or less. In fact it happened in 1859 and another one missed us by 9 days in 2012. Apparently someone who knows what they're talking about has calculated that there's a 12% chance of such an event happening in the next ten years.
It wouldn't just take out the UK, or even Europe though.

Here's the Wikipedia page about the 1859 event:

I seriously think it could take out civilisation if it does happen. And it will happen eventually.
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Postby The Prof » 20 Jan 2020, 13:13

The hotel that catches on fire in episode 2 is the George Hotel in Huddersfield. They were filming for a few days last year.

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Postby Neil Jung » 21 Jan 2020, 17:29

We watched it and despite the odd plot hole, really enjoyed it. I’m sure there will be another series.
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