"The Death of Stalin" (2017)

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"The Death of Stalin" (2017)

Postby GoogaMooga » 20 Sep 2019, 05:58

The Death of Stalin. An outrageous, absurd comedy about the panic that followed the sudden death of Stalin in 1953. Reminds me of Lubitsch's old "To Be or Not to Be", every bit as crazy. That such a serious subject can be turned into great comedy is not an easy thing to pull off, but the filmmakers here have done it. Whoever plays Berija should get an award. And the script, punchline after punchline in rapid fire succession (no pun intended). This film is a strong condemnation of all the horrors of totalitarianism. It is dark comedy, absurd and as dark as "comedy" can get. The acts of terror are not played for laughs, it is the whole theater of the absurd that surrounds them, the pretense of the perpetrators, that is sent up.

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Re: "The Death of Stalin" (2017)

Postby quix » 25 Oct 2019, 21:39

It’s in a dark comic genre all of its own. It’s horrifying and hilarious without being funny. I loved it.