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Postby Fonz » 06 Dec 2017, 17:07

American Netflix show about the birth of serial killer profiling; like a serious prequel to ‘Criminal Minds’.

The three leads are well-cast, and the plots are thick enough to elevate above the usual.

Anyone else watching?

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Re: Mindhunter

Postby jimboo » 06 Dec 2017, 18:57

There was/is a smattering of patter on here about it somewhere. I have watched it all , I really liked it.
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Re: Mindhunter

Postby Snarfyguy » 06 Dec 2017, 19:10

I've been on the fence. A friend says he wasn't won over. But you guys may be tipping me.
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Re: Mindhunter

Postby PENK » 06 Dec 2017, 19:53

It was good, but slow going, I thought. The characters were very well-acted, and steered away from the "clean-cut eager beaver" and "gruff wisecracking veteran" stereotypes they might initially seem, fleshed out and taken into unpredictable territory. Not sure what's going on with the professor and the cat outside the window though. That never seemed to coalesce.

The best parts are mainly the interviews with the killers, who are all very chillingly and effectively played by relative (or even total) unknowns. The period detail is done well, avoiding "look! it's the '70s!" overkill and just providing settled ambience. The look of the thing, all dull greys and blues and browns, is effective as well.

The plot, though, is a drawback as it just never really seems to kick into gear. They get their project, they talk to some more guys, help with a case or two... but nothing of much import until the rather overdone finale, I thought. I appreciate that Fincher wanted it to be low-key, that was well-handled, but when that comes at the expense of momentum then they need to work at it a bit more.

I'd say it was intriguing and promising rather than really good for the time being, but I'll gladly watch series two when it arrives.
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Re: Mindhunter

Postby slightbreeze » 10 Dec 2017, 11:46

Loved it.

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Re: Mindhunter

Postby Tactful Cactus » 10 Dec 2017, 22:11

I liked it without loving it. I loved Zodiac so I wanted to like it more.
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