Minor Things You Wish.....

..and why not?
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Re: Minor Things You Wish.....

Postby Fonz » 20 Nov 2017, 14:04

The Modernist wrote:
Tactful Cactus wrote:....that Tarantino cast someone else as Fabienne in Pulp Fiction. It must take good acting chops to make a character that helpless and naive and frustrating to be worth loving and dying for as much as Butch did. I don't think it came across

I thought their scenes by far the worst thing in the film.

I went for the Willis segment, but stayed for the whole thing.

Bruce was still the king though.

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Re: Minor Things You Wish.....

Postby nev gash » 20 Nov 2017, 15:20

Home Alone would be improved if Kevin was found and shot dead in the first reel.
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