Gene Hackman

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Re: Gene Hackman

Postby Super-Jank » 14 Sep 2017, 14:42

Jeemo wrote:
The Great Defector wrote:
sloopjohnc wrote:Watching Cinderella Liberty and thinking James Caan falls into the same meat and potatoes, yet compelling, category.

I'm probably alone in this, but the more I watch it the more I think he's the odd one out, actor wise, of the Corleone brothers.

You're probably alone in understanding what the fuck you're on about.

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Re: Gene Hackman

Postby Jeemo » 14 Sep 2017, 16:26

Matt Wilson wrote:I like James Caan. He didn't have the career that perhaps he might've, but then he had leading man looks and went for the matinee idol roles sometimes in the '70s as well. Perhaps lacking in superstar charisma, he nonetheless served up a few great roles. I haven't seen Cinderella Liberty since I was a kid but recall enjoying him in that. I've never seen The Gambler either but would like to.

I love Thief, by the way.

He's brilliant in The Gambler but the film isn't. Thief is brilliant apart from the Pekinpah splatter at the end.
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Re: Gene Hackman

Postby K » 14 Sep 2017, 17:55

He is great as Sonny, not sure what Markus is on about. He perfectly demonstrates the hotheadedness that is his downfall. Three great performances there. (Four with Duvall. And 5 with Shire). Every movie Cazale was in was nominated for best film.
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Re: Gene Hackman

Postby The Great Defector » 14 Sep 2017, 18:04

I don't know, he just looked out of place or not in rhythm with the rest. I fully except I'm alone in this.
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Re: Gene Hackman

Postby Thang-y » 14 Sep 2017, 18:14

The Great Defector wrote:I don't know, he just looked out of place or not in rhythm with the rest. I fully except I'm alone in this.

The brothers (and sister) all had very different characters. Supposedly different aspects of The Don.

He was fairer in colour than the others but you do get fairer Sicilians. Something to do with Germanic and Viking invasions. No, really.

He's a lot more dynamic than a lot of the other actors (many extras were non-actors and some were Italian actors brought over so there's a change of pace there) and certainly his character was more hot-headed than most of the made guys (that's proven mafia killers to those not in the know *taps nose*) .. a lot of more senior mafiosi are portrayed as cold and calculating, which Caan's character was not. Which was exactly his weakness and which got him killed.

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