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Re: Random movie stuff thread

Postby Charlie O. » 03 Apr 2017, 21:20

A Boy Named Charlie Brown was the highest-grossing movie for the week ending December 17, 1969, taking in about $290,000.

What's remarkable about this is that it was only showing on one screen that week (Radio City Music Hall in NYC) - it opened nationally at the end the month.

(It was also only the third animated feature ever to be screened at RCMH, and the first since the early '40s; Disney's Snow White and Bambi were the previous two.)

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Re: Random movie stuff thread

Postby The Great Defector » 11 Apr 2017, 16:33

Yeeeeeeeeees, get in there!


If you're looking forward to more Transformers movies, there's a new one coming out this summer. And another one next summer. And another one is due in the summer of 2019. And, well, according to Michael Bay, there are at least 14 Transformers movie ideas that could come to fruition in the foreseeable future.
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