BCB 100 - Hank Williams

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Matt Wilson
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Postby Matt Wilson » 11 Oct 2006, 01:43

The box set is definitely worth having. The first four (is that right? four?) discs are all the studio stuff and for the most part it's all good/great. The rest of the discs are live and are of dodgy sound quality. You'll probably play them once and that's it.

You do need more than 40 cuts though.


Postby moonie » 12 Oct 2006, 01:24

Oh boy, I'm in the middle of reading the Escott bio and have spent a good part of the last three months with Hank in heavy rotation. The three seem to go hand in hand: drinkin', feelin' blue and listening to Hank. He was the quintessential hillbilly, though he never lived in the hills in his short life, I don't suppose. I think anyone with any aspirations to writing would benefit greatly with an appreciation of Hank's writing style. Simple...effective...to the point. No one ever had to guess as to where they stood with him.

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Postby marios » 12 Oct 2006, 01:55

Yeah, those 4 first discs of the box set are awesome!

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Postby Nolamike » 12 May 2010, 21:50

marios wrote:Yeah, those 4 first discs of the box set are awesome!

Don't sell the rest short - tracks like "Alone and Forsaken" (!) and "Angel of Death" appear later in the set, as the only recordings he made of them were live and/or demos.
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Re: BCB 100 - Hank Williams

Postby the hesitant weasel » 12 May 2010, 22:43

'lost Highway' is pure poetry, but my personal favourite is one my dad used to sing, with a real mannered, yodelling vocal; 'Lovesick Blues'.

I still sing it in the shower today...
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