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Posted: 05 Jul 2006, 18:21
by JQW
Unlucky Bear wrote:
Sea Of Tunes wrote:Can I have that Doyen's Club Card then?

Don't be ridiculous. A doyens club membership is not so easily lost, or won. I maintain my position on this worthy but drab bunch of losers, and will tolerate no further debate on my future within the doyens club.

Can I just add that I find them tediously uninteresting too - even worse than a Springsteen solo acoustic album, if that's possible.

Posted: 07 Jul 2006, 18:19
by Matt Wilson
The great lost '80s band.
As important in my world as the Velvet Underground. Westerberg was my Townsend in college. Saw 'em twice and like all their albums (even the post Please to Meet Me ones).

I love how the usual suspects don't get 'em.
No greater recommendation is necessary.

Posted: 07 Jul 2006, 20:46
by sloopjohnc
I was trying to learn Here Comes a Regular recently and while the chords are easy, there was something I was missing besides it being capo'd. I brought it to my guitar teacher, along with a couple Westerberg solo songs. Turns out I was missing a constant pinky on the high E string that runs through the song.

My guitar teacher is former mgr of famous record store Down Home Music and writes online guitar stuff. He knows his stuff.

He's 50 something and he was blown away by Westerberg when he heard them with me. He said he remembered that when Counting Crows came out, some critics touted them as the new Band. He said he never saw it, but when he heard Westerberg and The Replacements, he noted how this was a guy who has "it" and is much more authentically rock & roll.

Some of their songs are brawling throwaways, but their best songs are the best songs ever written---Westerberg (and band0 are angry, fragile, hurt and reflective of what everyman feels but cannot articulate. Like Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams plays.

Posted: 08 Jul 2006, 03:34
by Shagger Dave
Matt Wilson wrote:I love how the usual suspects don't get 'em.
No greater recommendation is necessary.

Amen. Let 'em have their Dexy Midnight Runners and Pet Shop Boys, I'll take the 'Mats anyday.

Re: BCB 100 - The Replacements

Posted: 03 Feb 2008, 14:14
by Tom Violence
A genius band. I hear a huge leap in quality from 'Hootennany' to 'Let It Be', which for me is comfortably their best effort. Everything...the voice, the lyrics, the riffs, everything falls together perfectly. 'Androgynous' being my fav. After that the albums are all pretty great really, 'Let It Be' and 'Tim' are the best but i like all their output.

Re: BCB 100 - The Replacements

Posted: 21 Feb 2008, 06:49
by Alvin Row
Album: Let It Be

Songs: Can't Hardly Wait, Waitress In The Sky, I Will Dare, Bastards Of Young, Alex Chilton

Special Mention: A title that gives me a chuckle every time, Besterberg.

Re: BCB 100 - The Replacements

Posted: 02 Jul 2010, 05:00
by pcqgod
Album: Tim
Song: Little Mascara