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BCB 100 - Genesis

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 18:42
by geoffcowgill
For Neil Jung and ALB.

When I was a kid, Genesis was my favorite current band. Sadly, this was in the mid-80s. I do still enjoy the Abacab album. "No Reply At All" is a wonderful pop song. Face it.

"Supper's Ready" is their shining moment (or epoch as it may be). I'm not as enamored with The Lamb as many are. It's highpoints are great, but it's all a bit too much.

Favorite Album - Selling England By The Pound (or maybe Foxtrot)

Favorite Song - "Supper's Ready"

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 18:46
by doctorlouie
One of the first bands I loved. Back when you had a favourite band. The album I'd take would be Seconds Out, mainly because it mops up the best of the Gabriel stuff and has Afterglow, Dance On A Volcano and Los Endos AND it's their best production job by a long way. If it were studio LPs only then I'm not sure. The only one I've forked out for on CD is Selling England, but it has The Battle Of Epping Forest on it.


LP: Seconds Out
Track: Afterglow

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 19:31
by purgatory brite
Gabriel era -

Selling England .......

song The Carpet Crawlers

Collins era -


song Ripples

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 20:25
by toomanyhatz
Although I like them (Gabriel era anyway) for the most part, I'm surprised to see them here. I always thought Gabriel fans thought he only came into his own as a solo artist. But they're certainly more interesting lyrically than any of their ilk, because yer man has some skill in that area.

Album - Selling England by the Pound probably, though I have a soft spot for Lamb Lies Down, another that fits under the category of "interesting failure" for me. Too scattered conceptually, but a lot of good songs.

Song - No question- Dancing with the Moonlit Knight. Everything that's good about them is right there, and it's a good pop song with room to stretch out- the perfect prog number for me.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 20:31
by NMB
The boringly correct answers are

Album = Selling England By the Pound

Song = Supper's Ready

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 20:39
by Mike Boom
Album - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Song - Blood on the Rooftops

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 21:52
by The Slider
Selling England by the Pound

The Cinema Show

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 21:52
by yomptepi
The Slider wrote:Selling England by the Pound

The Cinema Show


Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 21:57
by The Slider
Unlucky Bear wrote:
The Slider wrote:Selling England by the Pound

The Cinema Show


Close To the Edge

And You And I

Re: BCB 100 - Genesis

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:01
by Butch Manly
geoffcowgill wrote:Favorite Song - "Supper's Ready"

i don't think i've heard that song since i tuned into the friday rock show's "greatest rock tracks ever" show in 1979. i remember hating it but i'm downloading it right now.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:03
by Neil Jung
From 1973 to Duke (whenever that was, 1979/80?), they were my favourite band, no contest. Things went downhill after Duke, but I still played those early albums regularly, followed the careers of PG and PC too, although in recent years I have started to dislike PC's voice.

The first album I heard was Live, but I had to play it loads of times before I "got" it. Then I heard PG being interviewed on the radio about his inspiration for the lyrics of Selling England, and of course I bought it. I loved it. I played it and played it and played it. Only later did I buy the earlier studio albums, but particularly liked Foxtrot; unsurprisingly, since it is an absolute classic. Trespass and Nursery Cryme have their moments, but the production lets them down. The Lamb was and remains a huge underdeveloped disappointment for me. I like both Trick Of The Tail and Wind & Wuthering (but hate Afterglow), Seconds Out is great but I never play it, so for me

Album: Selling England

Track: Firth Of Fifth

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:09
by Neige
brotherlouie wrote:One of the first bands I loved. Back when you had a favourite band.

For me too (they came third after the Beatles and... ahem... ELP)

There's only one album from the classic line-up I still like absolutely without reservation, and that is Foxtrot.

There's also one post-Gabriel album I really love: Trick Of The Tail

Favourite track? Very difficult - I'll say Harold The Barrel!

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:23
by doctorlouie
Neige wrote:Favourite track? Very difficult - I'll say Harold The Barrel!


Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:31
by The Slider
brotherlouie wrote:
Neige wrote:Favourite track? Very difficult - I'll say Harold The Barrel!



I bet that one doesn't get any seconders.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:31
by atomic loonybin
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Back in NYC / The Musical Box (Genesis Live version)

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:33
by Butch Manly
i skipped "supper's ready" after a couple of minutes, by the way.

the only genesis tracks that i really love are "i know what i like" and "follow you, follow me," off the top of my head.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:36
by ConnyOlivetti
album - lamb...

song - the grand parade....

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 22:49
by Sneelock
album: 'selling england by the pound'
song: 'can utility and the coastliners'

I loved and adored them until the day I took the shrinkwrap off of "and then there were three" I'll admit to liking some of what Hugh Padgham got out of 'em but not a whole album's worth at a time.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 23:44
by the masked man
Can I just say that Patrick Bateman's appreciation of the "Duke" LP in "American Psycho" was one of my favourite cinematic moments in recent years.

Posted: 03 Jul 2006, 23:57
by king feeb
Album: Foxtrot

Song: "Supper's Ready"