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Postby & » 04 Jul 2006, 01:24

Phenomenal Cat wrote:Album - Tommy
Song - Underture

This made my day! I'm glad someone has excellent taste.

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Phenomenal Cat
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Postby Phenomenal Cat » 04 Jul 2006, 02:00

You obviously haven't read my post on The Band. :roll:
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Brother Spoon
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Postby Brother Spoon » 04 Jul 2006, 08:15

Album - A quick one
Song - Disguises or A quick one, while he's away


Postby & » 04 Jul 2006, 08:37

Album - Live At Leeds
Song - 1921

Jumper k

Postby Jumper k » 04 Jul 2006, 08:55

My Generation

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Postby andymacandy » 04 Jul 2006, 10:17

Ah, a monumental band-on some days, my outright favourite.
Great albums."Whos Next","Sell Out",the seminal "Live at Leeds", "Tommy", and ,indicitive of their fantastic early career making punchy,throat grabbing singles, "Meaty Beaty".I even like "Who Are You".
Great tracks.The Seeker,Substitute,I Can See For Miles, The Kids, Im Free, Acid Queen (Did nobody mention the Acid Queen yet?)Pinball Wizard (Did nobody mention the Pinball Wizard yet?)Baba, Wont Get Fooled, Tattoo................endless.
But maybe the finest album ever made, is Quadrophenia.Beautifully themed, exciting, great songs, slightly contrived, but narrative enough to make a decent movie, and contains "The Real Me","Love Reign Over Me" and the superb "5;15".
So, Quadrophenia, and 5;15.
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Prince Of Peace
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Postby Prince Of Peace » 30 Jul 2006, 15:43

Album : Quadrophenia

Track : 5:15

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Nicky Loves Fuzz
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Postby Nicky Loves Fuzz » 15 Aug 2006, 09:55

ALBUM: Tommy

SONG: A Quick One, While He's Away

I like the Who a lot, but I always thought they should have put out even more great stuff. For all the talent they had, they should have put ou at least 2 or 3 more classic albums. They had a great guitar player/song writer. The bass player was also great. They had a really good singer/front man. Then there's Keith Moon, IMHO the greatest rock musician of all-time.

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Doctor Jimmy
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Postby Doctor Jimmy » 27 Aug 2006, 18:48

Album: Quadrophenia
Song: The Kids Are Alright

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bc bud
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Postby bc bud » 11 Apr 2007, 12:16

Favourite Album: My Generation
Favourite Song: The Good's Gone
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Re: BCB 100 - The Who

Postby pcqgod » 02 Jul 2010, 05:08

album: The Who Sell Out
song: Pictures of Lily
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