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Postby Leg of lamb » 19 Jun 2006, 23:57

Classic Prof wrote:Fruit V Chocolate?

I never would have guessed that.

A moment of madness on my part but I'm strangely proud.
Brother Spoon wrote:I would probably enjoy this record more if it came to me in a brown paper bag filled with manure, instead of this richly illustrated disgrace to my eyes.

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Postby Django » 20 Jun 2006, 00:25

A band that have written some amazing songs, but have never released a consistently strong album, to my mind. I love "Play It Cool", "Demons", "Rings Around the World", "The Man Don't Give A Fuck" etc, but every album of theirs I've heard as had a lot of, at best, failed "experimental" tracks or, at worst, plain old filler.

Track: Play It Cool

Album: none.

Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 20 Jun 2006, 00:47

Terrapin wrote:
the name is Coan wrote:I'm changing my vote to 'Fuzzy Logic'. I'm halfway through it now. Fuck - I'd forgotten - it's an excellent album.

I have them all and it's Fuzzy Logic for me too but Radiator comes in a close 2nd. I'm also going to go for the wonderful Hometown Unicorn.

Great avatar!

I realised 'Fuzzy Logic's flaw soon after posting that - it's a very front-loaded (?) album. The first half is magical, essential, even. Then they get lazy, riffing on obvious chord sequences.

Back to 'Radiator', then!

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Clay Davis
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Postby Clay Davis » 20 Jun 2006, 11:10

Penk wrote:
Bob Loblaw wrote:Most of SFA good songs are better than Supergrass' good songs.

Again no. When Supergrass are at their best they're the best around. They only really managed to write consistently good songs for the first two albums but that's enough to cement their place amongst the best bands of the '90s. The Super Furries are fun and do have some top-notch songs but never approached the same heights.

Aren't the first two SFA albums just as good as, if not better than Supergrass' first two, though? They are for me. I think there are more good songs on Fuzzy Logic and Radiator than I Should Coco and In It For The Money. In fact I'd probably only pick Caught By The Fuzz and Richard III over any of the SFA songs.

Now I really like Supergrass and I'm not criticising them (much) but SFA are better.

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Mike Boom
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Postby Mike Boom » 20 Jun 2006, 14:27

album - Rings Around The World
song - Golden Retriever

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Postby brassneck.. » 21 Jun 2006, 19:10

A curate's egg for me. I've got 3 of their albums and enjoy them all. However, i always though they were clever pastiche and lacking a certain soul. And i prefer the soft, warm sounds of RATW and PP to Radiator.

That is, until i saw them live last year. They were simply breathtaking; certainly one of the best live acts around today.

Album: Rings Around the World

Song: Presidential Suite

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Postby The Write Profile » 23 Jun 2006, 00:07

The thing about the Super Furry Animals is that, for me, anyway, they never quite topped the good natured humour, sparkling inventiveness and eccentricites of Fuzzy Logic and Radiator. There's almost a naivite in Fuzzy Logic, particularly, "God! Show Me Magic," the Bolan-esque "Hometown Unicorn" and the drug-addled "Something for the Weekend." Radiator is calmer, probably more concerned with being a Long Player statement (there are occasions when Fuzzy Logic seems to be almost too buzzy for its own good), yet there's still madness amdist the reflection, notably "Herman Loves Pauline," a love song for obsessive-compulsives.

Actually those first 2 LPs marked them out as inverted pop classicists of a sort. Whereas Supergrass plunder the obvious guitar-led sounds of old, in the Furries world, late-period Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, T-Rex and shoegazing can all sit alongside oneanother and somehow make sense. I do like their later LPs, too, but I think recently they've become a tad too pastoral (and this is where the late-period Beach Boys influence really kicks in, "Atomic Lust" is a very deliberate attempt to rewrite "Feel Flows," for instance).

As a result, they might've lost something as they move into their next stage of development, although they're yet to release a less than good LP. If anything, their last moment that evoked the eccentricities of old was their magnificent "Ice Hockey Hair" single, one of their great stand-alone moments, though the all-Welsh Mwng went some way to reclaiming that.

Favourite song: Ice Hockey Hair
Favourite LP: Fuzzy Logic, on balance
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Postby Sneelock » 15 Jul 2006, 04:32

albuum: Mwung
the language barrier keeps it kind of fresh for some reason.
song: Mountain People

when I'm in the mood I think "wow! these guys are GREAT, why don't I listen to them more?" and then, in a couple days I move on and don't play them again for months.

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Postby Ranking Ted » 16 Jul 2006, 22:56

LP: Radiator

Song: um, Slow Life

While they've definitely plateaued with the last 2 LPs (LoveKraft being their least satisfying to date, worse than the obtuse Guerilla), at their peak SFA were/are a fantastic blast of pop-psychedelia with punk/ELO/Beach Boys overtones. Which is nice.

Always a place in my record collection for them.