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Posted: 15 Jul 2006, 04:03
by Sneelock
album: Electric Warrior but only by a smidge.

Posted: 28 Jul 2006, 00:00
by kath
album: electric warrior. i love every song on this album.
song: someone else said raw ramp!! i am content.

who would like to throw in ride a white swan and planet queen, but there's really no need to now.

Re: BCB 100 - T. Rex

Posted: 31 Jan 2011, 08:07
by BlueMeanie
Album: It can only be Electric Warrior

Song: There are many, but I'll go with 20th Century Boy for now.

Re: BCB 100 - T. Rex

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 22:15
by BooHooHoo