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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 30 Jul 2010, 22:04

Both King Feeb and Yomptepi have reported on Facebook that they're getting a 'Forbidden' message when they try to access BCB. Any idea why this is happening, Jethro?


PS - The message reads: "Forbidden : You don't have permission to access to this document on this server. Apache server at"

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Re: Forbidden?

Postby JQW » 30 Jul 2010, 22:41

I've not made any changes.

The forbidden message comes from the webserver that the site runs on, and not the site software itself. A banned user will get a different message entirely.

I'll investigate, but as it's late on a Friday I probably won't get any responses from support until Monday.
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Re: Forbidden?

Postby dgs » 07 Jan 2012, 15:02


I keep trying to make a post in the mix club and the exact same thing is happening.

I have tried a number of ways, editing the response in Word and then typing the whole response but keep getting the same message, but strangely when I start a new post, no problems.

I am guessing this could be a setting thing my end?

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