Subsilver2 theme deactivated.

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harvey k-tel
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Re: Subsilver2 theme deactivated.

Postby harvey k-tel » 23 Jul 2015, 20:43

Loki wrote:I can top that - again I can't even find how to get to where I can change things. Currently on the black setting.

Top right. Little icon that looks like a head and shoulders. Click on that. Open 'user control panel' and click on 'board preferences'.
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Re: Subsilver2 theme deactivated.

Postby Loki » 23 Jul 2015, 20:53

Thank you kindly.

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Re: Subsilver2 theme deactivated.

Postby C » 23 Jul 2015, 21:31

Indeed - thank you Harvey my dear learned friend

Thank you

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Re: Subsilver2 theme deactivated.

Postby Jude » 27 Jul 2015, 20:05

Excellent. Cheers, Paul!
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