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Re: Ryder Cup

Postby Positive Passion » 06 Oct 2018, 07:02

Diamond Dog wrote:
Diamond Dog wrote:For me I think Woods was really trying, but this was just one tournament too many for him (after his long awaited victory last week). But Mickelson gave the impression throughout that he really couldn't give a fuck and he's never been a team player in the first place. I always thought he was a very iffy capatain's pick, but he far surpassed that. Maybe he was just along for the ride, probably in expectation of him getting the Captain's role in 2022.

Well you had better just set that course up for Phil to win, otherwise he ain't bringing his clubs!

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/golf/2018/1 ... r-failure/

Phil Mickelson failed to record a single point for the United States in their lopsided Ryder Cup defeat to Europe last weekend and the American says he no longer has any interest in playing courses that feature "brutal rough".

In his 12th Ryder Cup appearance, Mickelson was restricted to only two matches at Le Golf National in Paris. He partnered Bryson DeChambeau to a foursome's defeat on the opening day and was not seen again until the Sunday singles, where he lost to British Open champion Francesco Molinari.

It was the first time he failed to contribute even a half-point to the United States' cause as the visitors relinquished the Cup after a 17 1/2 to 10 1/2 defeat.

Mickelson was clearly not a fan of the course.

“I’m 48, I’m not going to play tournaments with rough like that anymore. It’s a waste of my time,” Mickelson told reporters on Thursday at the Safeway Open in Napa, California.

"I’m going to play courses that are playable, and I can play aggressive, attacking, make lots of birdies type of golf I like to play.

"The fairways were 14 to 16 yards wide. The fact is they had brutal rough, almost unplayable and that’s not the way I play," he added. "I don’t play like that.”

What an arrogant arsehole.

It is meant to be a challenge, no? That comment from Calcavecchia during the match had it right. A lot of US players want it easy.

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Re: Ryder Cup

Postby Diamond Dog » 06 Oct 2018, 08:23

They get those courses spoonfed to them on the US tour - the one week they don't is the US Open, and the likes of Mickelson complain about that constantly too. Interestingly it's the one major he has missed out on too - I wonder why?!

But others mentioned it here - Mickelson has won an Open at Muirfield and has been second too. So it's not the courses. It can only be his dislike of the Ryder Cup and a growing impatience with golf that, basically, doesn't suit him. The telling coment for me is the "I'm 48...." as if that gives him a certain dispensation from the challenge. It is following a trend though - the comments about Tom Watson four years ago, when he again mentioned his age as afactor... the blatant cheating this season when he stopped the ball illegally because he was tired of putting (at the US Open, oddly enough) and made the comment afterwards that he'd thought of doing it many times previously.... it's like Phil has just decided if he doesn't like it, he'll either cheat or not bother. Which is no real way to maintain your legacy....
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