Champion's League 2017/18

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Re: Champion's League 2017/18

Postby Rayge » 29 May 2018, 13:29 ... -heartache.
Panels 2, 5 and 7 particularly fine
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Re: Champion's League 2017/18

Postby Toby » 29 May 2018, 14:29

Liverpool are elevating themselves into the same echelon as Man United, Chelsea and City in terms of the calibre of players they can attract. Perhaps not quite on the Real/Barca/Bayern level, but all the same, different to two seasons ago. City are obviously ahead because they have the wages and the coach, but at the same time their squad is already big.

Klopp is obviously the main attraction because he has a consistent record of improving players whereas Mourinho for example really isn't the same attraction as he once was. They play attractive football and other players will have seen the "Anfield" effect this season in particular. They have a good XI but need a squad to compete for the league. Fabinho, Fekir, Keita look like considerable upgrade options already. They need an Oblak in goal though I reckon or at least the same quality.

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Re: Champion's League 2017/18

Postby trans-chigley express » 29 May 2018, 15:39

Rayge wrote:
Panels 2, 5 and 7 particularly fine

:lol: excellent

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Re: Champion's League 2017/18

Postby PENK » 31 May 2018, 12:18

Zidane has just quit as Real Madrid manager.


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Re: Champion's League 2017/18

Postby Diamond Dog » 31 May 2018, 13:26

What a comedown - Everton to Real Madrid.
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