Malwarebytes Premium?

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Seymore Porn
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Malwarebytes Premium?

Postby Seymore Porn » 25 Apr 2015, 15:02

Does anyone have any comments, good or bad, about Malwarebytes Premium?
I managed to get some malware/virus while downloading an instruction manual. Spybot and Avast can't get rid of it, and it has taken over search engine duties, which doesn't find Google when I type.
I've stopped using the computer to give Virus/Malware stuff time to maybe update. Any other Pro/Premium 25 quid a year things worth buying?
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The Dríver
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Re: Malwarebytes Premium?

Postby The Dríver » 29 Apr 2015, 14:50

I thought that the only difference between the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malwarebytes Premium was the fact that the premium version runs in real time like an Antivirus. I've found that it's dealt fine with all but one piece of malware. It's often the case with the search hijackers that if you can't remove them with the free tools available you're better off doing a system restore back to the last known safe configuration

Has the freebie version not managed to remove it? There are a couple of other very good free tools out there but I can't remember their names off the top of my head.
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Joe Baxter
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Re: Malwarebytes Premium?

Postby Joe Baxter » 12 Feb 2018, 13:58

I hadn't realised that I didn't thank you for the reply.
One of my mates recommended Spybot Search And Destroy, which did the trick. Thanks for your reply.