Printer scanner combo advice

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Printer scanner combo advice

Postby Billy » 16 Feb 2012, 16:09

Nothing fancy, nothing crap -- day to day use, bit of this, bit of that -- I suppose multiple inks or something that's cheap on ink would be a bonus ...

Any recommendations?

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Re: Printer scanner combo advice

Postby The Driver » 17 Feb 2012, 12:21

I have an Epson Stylus SX515W which I got a couple of years ago. No longer available new, as printer models seem to get upgraded every 25 minutes or so, but there's (I think) the SX535W which I think is the current evolution.

Mine has separate ink cartridges (which I prefer), good print speed and (thus far) very reliable. Good B/W and colour copies, good scanner too (although I'm not a fan of the bundled scan software, but it does the job). Works networked or wireless, and if you want to print photos you can stick the SD card from your camera in a purpose-built slot - no PC required.
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Re: Printer scanner combo advice

Postby Billy » 18 Feb 2012, 18:26

That's great Mr D, I was considering all those Epson models from the SX445 upwards ... too much choice sometimes --- I mean beans is beans, really?

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Re: Printer scanner combo advice

Postby Rory Bellows » 20 Feb 2012, 21:09

Yeah, we've had the Epson SX415 for a while now and it's great.....nothin fancy
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