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Re: Wild Billy Childish

Postby Billy » 22 Jan 2009, 18:30

McMeda wrote:
Billy wrote:He did indeed have sex with a dog. Simple as that ... :?

Maybe not so simple:

The story is the journey of one person from childhood to early adulthood. It includes child abuse, sex with a dog and culminates in the hero beating up his own father. This is quite familiar territory for me but, as I point out in the preface, the novel is completely fictitious. My Fault is a product of the imagination - characters and events are invented. And even if time and place seem to point to a definite person, this is only coincidental, an invention, fancy, fiction, a story.

:D :D :D

He's fucking with people when he says that! It's pretty much an accurate depiction of his life.

In the same way, his relationship with Tracey Emin bears 'absolutely no relation at all' ( :D ) to what he writes in the follow-up:


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Re: Wild Billy Childish

Postby McBastard » 22 Jan 2009, 18:41

I'm going to have to get those books.

And what do you mean "he", Billy? Don't you mean "I"?
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