Your favourite doowop songs

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Re: Your favourite doowop songs

Postby Charlie O. » 15 Jan 2009, 18:49

Everywhere It's Loveless wrote:
Davey the Fat Boy wrote:I'm going to jump on the bandwagon for "I Only Have Eyes For You" - not just the greatest Doo Wop record, but certainly on the short list of greatest records in any genre.

What a fucking record!

In the running for "favorite record ever" for me.

I love most of the suggestions so far. A few more favorites off the top of my head:

"Gloria" - The Cadillacs

"At My Front Door" - The El Dorados

"Where Or When" - Dion & The Belmonts

"The Glory Of Love" - The Velvetones (more memorable for the recitation than the singing, actually)

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Re: Your favourite doowop songs

Postby Muskrat » 15 Jan 2009, 19:08

Velvis wrote:It doesn't get any better then "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingoes, does it?

Lovrs Never Say Goodbye comes close.
But the Flamingos (particularly End-era) are ace. As are newly-inducted Little Anthony and the Imperials.

Velvis wrote:Also, "I Wonder Why" by Dion and the Belmonts.

Similarly "I Can't Go On (Rosalie)" for an uptempo number, and "No One Knows" as a ballad.

Among the more contemporary offerings (at least, compared to those), I don't see anybody touching the Manhattans' Kiss and Say Goodbye, if only because for some reason I put the Tempts into another category.

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Mike Boom wrote:It is brilliant of course, probably the best of the complete Thick as a Brick boots.

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Re: Your favourite doowop songs

Postby brotherlouie » 15 Jan 2009, 19:14

The Manhattans are great.

What about the epic of the genre: Stay In My Corner by The The Dells - over six minutes! That's three times as long as most doo wop. Fekkin' Hippies.

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Re: Your favourite doowop songs

Postby quix » 15 Jan 2009, 19:18

what about a vote for the forum's namesake... yakety yak. the coasters. :D