60s Psych that's gone unmentioned round here ...

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Re: 60s Psych that's gone unmentioned round here ...

Postby king feeb » 23 Jan 2009, 05:25

First I want to thank Moddie for turning me onto that Apple album, because it's real ace. I'm enjoying it a lot. And also John SJ for sending me an Elli track that has really whetted my appetite for more.

Anyhow, another psych treasure we've never discussed is Morgen. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Morgen, the group made one LP for ABC Probe in 1969, then disappeared (a second album was started but was never completed due to the sudden and tragic death of Morgen's friend and producer Murray Shiffrin).

Anyhow, the album sits on a weird cusp of pop/psych and heavier rock, with lots of fuzzy guitar leads and some winning melodies.

Morgen's best-known song is "Of Dreams", which was a single and has appeared on psych compilations over the last few years:

I also really dig this album track "Eternity In Between":

If you like these as much as I did, you might want to go HERE. There are also some other Morgen clips on YouTube.

It's a really fine record, but Steve Morgen seemed to disappear completely after this. I've done some Googling, and it seems, sadly, that there isn't any more Morgen music. I'd be glad to be proved wrong, though, if anyone else could find more info.
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Re: 60s Psych that's gone unmentioned round here ...

Postby Charlie O. » 23 Jan 2009, 06:57

Jimbo wrote:Uh, I went and downloaded the Fields album I touted a few posts back and it sucks. The side 2, one song jam is just another La Bamba-style three chord bore.


I'm sorry, Jimbo - I laugh, but I am sorry. It's always a drag to find that something you remembered fondly hasn't aged as well as you'd thought it would.

Maybe it was the drugs!

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Re: 60s Psych that's gone unmentioned round here ...

Postby Neige » 23 Jan 2009, 08:43

That Fallen Angels track is lovely!

I'd like to bring in Aorta: they're less obscure than the others here (their 1st album was released on Columbia) and were accused of jumping on the psych bandwagon in 1968.

Many were annoyed by the heartbeat gimmick and the surgical themes (It's Your Main Vein Parts I-V, Catalpytic, Heart Attack...). But I think it's a great album, in spite of a couple of twee songs, and there's the curio Sleep Tight (an early Lowell George composition).

more here

The second album from 1970 really sucked though!
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