The sixth Beatle

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The sixth Beatle

Postby GoogaMooga » 17 Nov 2023, 09:45


The sixth Beatle (or seventh or eighth) was Jimmie Nichol, who went to the barber and got the prerequisite mop top after getting a call from Brian Epstein in 1964. Jimmie filled in for Ringo Starr when he became ill from tonsillitis right before their Australian tour in June of 1964 for thirteen days. He went from obscurity to superstar overnight. And he was on stage when the Fabs played two concerts at the legendary K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen on June 4, 1964. They were the only gigs that the Beatles ever played in Denmark, and the 4400 tickets were sold out immediately. The big question that remains is, did the 4400 screaming fans even notice? The concert venue was at fever pitch that evening. The venue itself had hosted the first rock and roll concert in Denmark on October 4, 1956. And when the Beatles appeared on the self-same stage in 1964, rock and roll had taken hold. K.B. Hallen burnt down in 2011, but has since been rebuilt and modernized. I saw many concerts there, Alice Cooper, Kraftwerk, and many more.

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Re: The sixth Beatle

Postby Charlie O. » 17 Nov 2023, 19:57

It seems to be gone now, but there was a YouTube clip of part of their show in Holland a couple of nights later, and it was great fun - despite Nicol looking physically uncomfortable playing Ringo's midget drumkit. It's the only Beatles performance clip I've seen where there's more singing along than screaming from the audience (and it was a ROWDY crowd)!

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