Stan Getz! West Coast Jazz! 1955!

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Stan Getz! West Coast Jazz! 1955!

Postby GoogaMooga » 09 Nov 2023, 17:40

Couldn't find any decent reggae or soul in Accord today, so for a change, and because I still had 50 DKK credit in trade, I went to the jazz section and bought Stan Getz' seminal album from 1955, "West Coast Jazz". Stan Getz was like a figurehead of cool jazz, but the album "West Coast Jazz" is oddly enough not very West Coast at all, as the line-up was transplanted East Coast musicians, with Shelly Manne on drums! So in spite of the title, you won't be hearing cool jazz, but rather the more virile East Coast variety, straight out of the Woody Herman school. Getz saw the irony of using East Coast musicians, when he himself was a West Coast figurehead, and therefore he chose the title, meant as a joke.

Note the classic David Stone Martin cover art:
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