The Life House/Who's Next Box

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Mike Boom
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The Life House/Who's Next Box

Postby Mike Boom » 06 Nov 2023, 17:15

So, the 11 disc box set of the Life House project which turned into the Who's Next album. Expensive but worth it ?
I think the inclusion of the graphic novel and the live sets makes the whole thing more interesting to me as the storyline unlike most concept albums is actually really quite fascinating as far as I can tell. Anyone have this or have thoughts on the whole thing ?

(God knows what Glynn Johns was thinking putting My Wife on the final Who's Next track list instead of Pure and Easy or Lets See Action)

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Matt Wilson
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Re: The Life House/Who's Next Box

Postby Matt Wilson » 06 Nov 2023, 18:39

I've got it. I enjoyed it for the most part. The graphic novel shows that it's a silly story, and made for a better single LP than a double - though I do enjoy most of the songs done for those sessions. The 5.1 mix isn't one of Wilson's best, but the live shows are interesting (the good folks on the Hoffman forum didn't like the sound of the live material).

Pricey, though.

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Re: The Life House/Who's Next Box

Postby robertff » 07 Nov 2023, 08:17

Thought about it but the price tag put me off and the knowledge that I would never listen to all those extra bits and pieces more than once, if that.


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