Daniel Seraphine / CTA / Chicago

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Carlisle Wheeling
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Daniel Seraphine / CTA / Chicago

Postby Carlisle Wheeling » 11 Sep 2020, 14:59

Just a heads up for those that are partial to a little Chicago. I came across this recent interview with Danny Seraphine and despite having a few doubts about the interviewer, really enjoyed it.

Time to spin some of their (early) albums again.

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Charlie O.
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Re: Daniel Seraphine / CTA / Chicago

Postby Charlie O. » 11 Sep 2020, 18:19

His book was a pretty good read.

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Re: Daniel Seraphine / CTA / Chicago

Postby pcqgod » 11 Sep 2020, 19:47

He was funny on the RnR HoF program.
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