Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby kath » 30 Aug 2020, 13:33

C wrote:I can honestly say I have not knowingly heard anything by any of the listed bands

There is one exception, I saw Blur live with My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr twice.

Something like the 'Lollapolla tour" (??)

I wasn't very keen

This type of music - Blur et alia was not my thing.

I'm more a Pixies, MBV, Breeders, Throwing Muses, Pavement, Built to Spill type of guy...


well you KNOW i love the pixies. i just have limited exposure to all this other stuff. and i do love radiohead, across several albums. so i am open to suggestion. just the way of things, but this board and the people on it are really my main exposure to any music now. my son is no music fan. and if i don't play the turtles or the left banke or maybe a lil spirit around my sister, she takes a nap.

i used to be around music freaks in large numbers. used to go to shows. i had a few rabid music freaks in my family who had many different loves and turned me onto different things. i am the only music freak left in this house, and it aint like i'm going anywhere anytime soon. i'm thinkin of wearin a hazmat suit and heavy boots when i go out to vote.

i like turn-ons and i can get em here just fine.

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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby C » 30 Aug 2020, 16:22

Indeed kath

Correction, I have heard Oasis' Wonderwall

kath wrote:(she squints, focusing all her concentration...)

inn dooooob ittt ableeee.

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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 30 Aug 2020, 16:33

kath wrote:
so anybody around here wanna throw out a few worthy album titles of albums y'all love by these bands? i'll give em a try.

I would check out a few Supergrass albums




and have a listen to this best of


If you like this then there is loads to explore with Neil.
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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby The Slider » 30 Aug 2020, 17:01


The Complete Pogues Mp3 set now available in the usual place, should you want one.

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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby GoogaMooga » 30 Aug 2020, 17:55

Did any of you buy any of the solo albums, or spin-off projects like Gorillaz?
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Re: Narrow the Britpop bands down to the core

Postby Silent Bob » 05 Sep 2020, 17:55

Pulp for me. Blur progressed and changed their sound unlike Oasis who were rather formulaic and uninteresting after the second album. Radiohead are lumped in but not really Britpop, I agree with whoever said Alternative Rock. Suede are decent enough. Supergrass were fun but a bit lightweight. The Divine Comedy were just trying to be too clever.

The first 2 Gorillaz albums were of greatest interest to me.
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