Lockdown Listen: National Health: [No] Elephants

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Re: Lockdown Listen: National Health: [No] Elephants

Postby Neige » 22 Jul 2020, 07:41

C wrote:I recall our dear friend Felix {Neige} had the score for the 9 second track that comes later (Phlakaton) as his signature for years....!


Yes, I did indeed use a transcript, back in the olden days:

Phlak! Phlaka-phlaka-phlaka-toom-cash! Kerchaffa, kerchaffa, boom-kaka, boom-kaka-ka-toom, flibit-flibit-flibit rakata takata bish!

Gutted that I couldn't partake, for this is one for the ages in my book (in particular John Greaves magnum opus Squarer for Maud).

Glad y'all enjoyed it so much!
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